Terms and conditions

Article 1 - General

a) Definition: These general conditions of sale (GTC) are applicable to purchases made by professional retailers whose business is the trade and repair of cycles, mopeds, scooters and motorcycles.

b) Terms of communication: The placing of order by the Customer supposes its full acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale. They constitute the only conditions to which PROCONCEPT 2 ROUES engages in the contractual relationship with the Customer and takes precedence over the general conditions of purchase of the Customer which would be contrary. PROCONCEPT 2 ROUES reserves the right to stipulate specific conditions herein as set forth in the price, quotation or commercial offer agreements.

Article 2 - Liability - supplier warranties

The client certifies that he is aware of the risks incurred with regard to the use on public roads of certain products reserved for the tuning competition or private grounds such as: lighting, signage, mirrors, etc. These products are followed by a double Asterisk (**). Our clients undertake to inform the consumer.

The company PROCONCEPT 2 ROUES can not be responsible for the non-respect of the use of the parts outside the framework of the provisions laid down by French law (Highway Code, products diverted from its use or modified, amalgam of products resulting in the non-conformity of the vehicle, etc ...).

PROCONCEPT 2 ROUES guarantees to the customer the products against any manufacturing defects.
This warranty is only limited to the repair, or exchange, if any, of the products defective to the exclusion of any other liability such as damage indirect or immaterial (loss of exploitation, loss of profits ...). Product return costs defective are the responsibility of the customer. No warranty applies to our products in case of wear normal use, neglect, faulty assembly, misuse or unauthorized use consistent with the original object.


Article 3- Orders

All orders are deemed firm and final from the acceptance of the price offer by the customer. The photos are not contractual, in any case, a mistake of photos can not cancel an order.

All orders shipped directly or taken by our sales people or Telemarketers are subject to acceptance by our company.

Orders with a value less than or equal to 50,00 € H.T. will be increased by 5,00 € H.T. for treatment costs.

In the event of circumstances likely to increase the risk of insolvency of the client knowledge, PROCONCEPT 2 WHEELS reserves the right, even while running orders, to require a guarantee for the proper performance of the undertakings, the refusal authorizing the cancellation of all or part of the orders. In case of cancellation, the customer will have to free himself from his obligation to pay unless otherwise stipulated by regulation or express agreement on the part of PROCONCEPT 2 WHEELS.


Article 4- Price

Our prices are in net euros excluding taxes from our premises. The applicable VAT will be the one in force on the day of the performance of the service.

Our prices may be revised downwards during special promotions for which the client (s) will be informed (s). The prices of the goods sold are those in force on the day of the taking of command. The rate will vary without notice given variations in the cost of raw materials or changes in exchange rates. Any transmission of new order wins application of the new price.

Transport costs are charged extra, except special conditions.


Article 5 – Payment

a) Terms of payment

All invoices are payable at the head office of PROCONCEPT 2 ROUES at 30 days on the 25th or cash. The payment can be made by magnetic LCR directly presented in bank, by credit card or by transfer to our account on the day of the due date. The bills less than or equal to 100,00 € H.T. will be increased by 10.00 € H.T. for expenses

b) Defaults

Any late payment at maturity, entails by right and without noticepreliminary:

  • the immediate payment of all invoices not yet due.
  • forfeiture of all reductions, whatever the nature, name and method of calculated, which can only be acquired in the context of compliance with the conditions of
  • the application of penalty of an amount equal to one and a half times the rate of legal interest on the day of the due date (Article L 441-6 CC), calculated pro rata temporis and this, per day, of the due date (date of payment on the invoice) until the effective full payment of the price without no prior formalities on the part of PROCONCEPT 2 ROUES.
  • an indemnity equivalent to the application of an interest rate equal to the refinancing rate of the ECB increased by 10 points.
  • the immediate return of the goods, without prejudice to any damages and interests, to risks and expenses of the customer (including transportation, overhaul and repair costs).
  • stopping deliveries.

The customer will have to reimburse in all the preceding cases, the expenses incurred for the recovery of amounts owing, including the fees of departmental officers, of all advisers or collection professionals. In addition to the late payment, any sum, including the deposit, not paid on its due date will automatically produce the payment of compensation lump sum of 40 euros per invoice due for recovery costs.

In case of settlement unpaid income, for insufficient provision of accounts or for any other reason for rejection, PROCONCEPT 2 ROUES will invoice the customer for the full costs of discharges invoiced by the banking institution to PROCONCEPT 2 ROUES.


Article 6 - Delivery – transfer of risk from the start

a) Delivery times are given by PROCONCEPT 2 WHEELS as an indication. In Consequently, any delays do not entitle the customer to cancel the sale, refuse the merchandise or claim damages or any late penalty.

b) In addition, all delivery times will be automatically suspended for any fortuitous event or in case cases of force majeure such as war, riot, fire, natural disasters, impossibility of supply, total or partial strikes hampering the smooth operation of the supplier's company or that of its suppliers, subcontractors or carriers, health problems and the interruption of transport, supply of energy, first or spare parts. Each party will promptly inform its partner of a force majeure of which she will be aware and which, in her opinion, is likely to affect the execution of the contract.

c) The risk of transport is borne entirely by the buyer. Upon delivery, the customer must check the goods delivered. It belongs to the customer, in case of damage or missing, in accordance with Article L133-3 and following of the CC:

  • to make reservations on the delivery note and the waybill.
  • to notify the carrier by registered letter with A.R. his reasoned protest, within 3 days (not including holidays) following the receipt of the products. After this period, no reservation or dispute will be allowed.

It will have to leave to the supplier all facility to proceed to the observation of these vices and to carry out the verifications it deems necessary. In the event that his responsibility is demonstrated and contradictory, the supplier will have to reimburse, at his own expense, the said goods, other than the compensation for any other damage. In case of disagreement of the parties on the origin, the cause, the imputability of defects, an expert may be appointed.


Article 7 - Merchandise return

a) Returns new parts without defect

In the event that the product is non-compliant with the sale and that the error is attributable to the company P2R, address within 3 months after receipt of the goods, your complaint on our website or by email to the billing department. : facturation@p2r-net.com (indicate customer account, product reference and BL number).

This request will be subject to acceptance before returning the goods.

After inspection by our after-sales service, if the product has been damaged by the customer, if the packaging has been damaged by the customer or during return transport, making the product unsuitable for sale, or if any parts are missing when the product is inventoried, the product will be refused and the product will be returned to the customer, who will be invoiced for handling costs.

The PROCONCEPT 2 ROUES company does not accept special orders and bicycles in case of customer mistake.

If the mistake is not attributable to PROCONCEPT 2 ROUES, the customer will be charged a handling cost of €9.90 HT Products with a price lower than €10.00 HT will not be taken back. Transport costs will be charged to the customer.

b) Returns defective parts (warranty)

Each return must be the subject of a request * on our website or to the after-sales service by email: sav@p2r-net.com. It will be up to the client to provide all the supporting documents as to the reality of the hidden defect or defect noted.

* within 15 working days after receipt for products made broken during transport or within 3 months after receipt if the error comes from the manufacturer.


This request will be subject to acceptance before returning the goods in their original packaging. In the event of a noted modification of the goods sold, no dispute may be accepted by PROCONCEPT 2 ROUES, the costs of returns and processing of the complaint will be borne by the customer.

If the defect is characterized, PROCONCEPT 2 ROUES undertakes to repair or replace it.


Article 8- Retention of ownership

It is expressly agreed that the products sold remain the property of PROCONCEPT 2 WHEELS until full payment of their price in principal and incidental costs, in application of Article 2367 of the Civil Code. The signature of the accused on receipt of the goods is valid acceptance of these Terms.

In case of non-respect of the contractual obligations of the customer and / or non-payment of the price of sale, PROCONCEPT 2 ROUES will oppose its right of ownership and proceed to the claim goods to the customer.

In case of seizure-execution or any intervention of a third party on the products, as in case of opening a collective procedure against the customer, PROCONCEPT 2 ROUES the right to claim the goods sold and remained unpaid.


Article 9  - Personnal datas protection

PROCONCEPT 2 WHEELS collects personal data as part of the marketing of its products and services. The personal data collected is exclusively processed in the context of the commercial relationship between PROCONCEPT 2 ROUES and the customer. These data are collected according to the application of the conditions set by the regulations in force of the RGPD. PROCONCEPT 2 WHEELS has put in place all the procedures for the protection and preservation of this information (security, retention period, procedure archiving, anonymization procedure etc ...).

All data collected has been inventoried and indexed, and is fully protected (protected and secure network and backup). All employees who have access to this data are subject to the strictest confidentiality.

Customers have a right of scrutiny over the data collected (right of information, right of consultation, right of modification, right of cancellation, right to be forgotten). The customer can assert his right by sending a letter to PROCONCEPT 2 ROUES. In the event of disclosure, loss or theft of data, PROCONCEPT 2 ROUES has put in place a procedure for informing people concerned.

Article 10  - Contract law - Settlement of Disputes

«The present general Termes and conditions of sale are governed and interpreted exclusively by French law. If these conditions are translated into a foreign language, only the version French is opposable to the parties ".

The non application of one of the clauses of the GTC, permanently or temporarily, will not be able to in any case, be considered a waiver of his rights, and, may not infringe the validity of these GTC in whole or in part.

All litigation provider - client, born or unborn will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Nantes, even in the event of multiple instances or parties, of warranty.