Conditions of delivery

a) The delivery lead times are indicated by PROCONCEPT 2 ROUES for information only. Consequently, possible delays do not entitle the client to cancel the order, to refuse the goods or to claim any damages or delay penalties.

b) In addition, all delivery lead times will be automatically suspended for any fortuitous or force majeure events such as war, riots, fire, floods, the inability to supply, in case of total or partial strikes impeding the smooth business operations of the provider or those of his suppliers, subcontractors or carriers; health problems as well as disruptions of transport, energy supply, raw materials or spare parts.

Each Party shall inform their partner diligently whenever they are aware of a case of force majeure which, in their opinion, is likely to affect the implementation of the contract.

c) The goods will be transported at the risk of the recipient. In case of damage or missing items, according to Article L 133-3 and following of the CC, the client shall:

-     make reservations on the delivery note and the bill of lading.

-     notify a reasoned objection to the carrier by registered letter with acknowledgment within 3 days (excluding public holidays) after receiving the products.

All claims concerning delivered goods, except for those related to transportation, must be made in writing within 8 workings days after the receipt of goods by the client.

No product shall be returned without the prior written consent from PROCONCEPT 2 ROUES.

d) It is the client’s responsibility to provide any justification as to the reality of the defects or discrepancies. He must give the supplier every opportunity to observe the incriminated defects and to perform the verifications he may consider as necessary. For the case where his liability would be demonstrated and observed in a contradictory manner, the supplier shall reimburse such goods at his own expense, excluding repair of any other damage. In case of disagreement between the parties as to the origin, cause, accountability of defects, an expert shall be appointed.

Delivery delays

Metropolitan France: For all orders placed before 16pm, delivery the day after before 13pm

Others: For all orders placed before 16pm, delivery between 48h et 72h